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Poppy Knight

Writer - Creator - Editor - Publisher

Your book is my priority. My priority is you. Let me help build tools and services that let you focus on writing while I take care of layout, publishing, distribution, marketing, print-on-demand paperbacks, and more.

Keep writing and spend less time worrying and thinking about the challenges of self publishing and promoting yourself.

Self Publishing Support

Formatting, Editing, Cover Design, Marketing and Publishing. These are all challenges faced by indie authors who have spent years on their creative works. 


Knighton Digital are here to help. 


Poppy, an independent author herself, takes the stress away from process of taking your manuscript to a digital platform. 


We will edit your manuscript, provide feedback, discuss publishing options and respective costs while ultimately helping you get your creative world online and in front of your audience. 


Please contact Poppy for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

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